Tops BBQ & Spanish wine--> Match made in Heaven!

I picked up a bottle of 2002 Altos de Nunez Mencia from Joe's today after work. I have been wanting to try a bottle of this wine since I first tasted this a few weeks ago at the Spanish wine tasting. One tasting sized pour was not enough. It has a rustic, Old World quality that is very fascinating to me. The nose is full of funk, petting zoo (some say barnyard but Laura labeled it petting zoo & it stuck) that changes quickly into dirty diapers. This may not sound appealing, but mind you these are only notes & these smells dont knock you over the head, it is kind of a complex mustiness. There is also some black fruit, smokiness & burnt coffee. This is a complex wine. On the palate it is very well balanced with medium body. The fruit is almost savory on the front of the palate quickly flashing to a crisp acidity that holds out until the lengthy finish. There is something I can't put my finger on in the finish, I will have to do some more exploring.

I stopped for lunch while out & thought BBQ would be a good match to the Mencia. It was. I stopped at Tops in Midtown & it was packed, which was a very good sign. The more customers, the better the chance for getting some 'cue fresh out of the smoker. I dont think it was as fresh as I was hoping for but pretty damn good none the less. I wished I had my camera because the place was brimming with photo ops. I don't think the place has changed since the 70's & I am super nostalgic when it comes to kitchsy 70's interior design. The service was quick & painless too, which is something that is hard to get in Memphis, especially during the lunch rush.


  • At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Bryan said…

    I've heard some great buzz about the Mencia grape. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some as early as tomorrow. BBQ looks good too.


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