Weekday wines & weekend wines

That is how I keep my wine budget in check. My weekend wines are my "splurges" & I use that term losely. A splurge for us is usually $20...$25 max. My weekend bottles are usually whatever varietal or region I am exploring/obsessing over at the moment. As you may have noticed, my object of desire, at the moment is Pinot Noir. During the week we get what I call the big-assed-cheap-bottles...or BACB's...or at least until I can find a better acronym. It is usually a 1.75l of some Shiraz from down unda' (check out LIttle Penguin & Jindalee) These are great because we can cook with it too & not burn through a bottle in one night. We also turn to Argentina a lot for our mid-week quaffers (just peruse my previous posts on a number of Malbecs). You can get an excellent bottle of wine for under $10. This weeks we are having the most elusive of our wines...the left overs. A 2002 Torres Coronas Tempranillo. Daniel brought this over & it didn't get opened, so it is now the official 'week' wine. So maybe I will be drinking Pinot tomorrow night.


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