Tasting notes: 2001 Château Greysac

Oh Man! Where do I begin?! This is one of those wines that will stay fresh in my memory for a long time. We were having friends over for dinner & I thought a bottle for while we cooked would be in order (we had a lamb roast & I will post the recipe in a bit). I was going to decant this bottle, although I tasted this immediately after opening the bottle & it was good but not great. After about 30 minutes in the carafe, it was a whole new wine, rich, thick, velvety & delicious. My only regret was that I drink too much before dinner & we only had a glass a piece with our lamb but luckily we had a magnum of Côte de Ventoux ROUGE stashed away. It was such a good compliment to the lamb, I was blown away. I didn't think it could get any better.

I tired a bottle of this in December & I was not nearly as impressed, so I am going to have to think it was the time in the carafe that really made this wine shine.

nose:leather, dead leaves, black currants, blackberry with a hint of barnyard.

palate: leather, meat, dried fruit, well structured tannins, a nice little bit of acidity that rounds everything out. The finish was long & elegant with some licorice in the background.

It was also a bargain & I will be picking up another bottle of this real soon.


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