Burger Night!


We celebrated burger night a few days ago. It is a rarity that we have burgers because of an aversion that we both have towards ground meats of any type. But we decided it had been long enough and time to relish in the ease, simplicity and complete self indulgence that is the burger night.

We don't ever use ground beef. We gave up on it a long time ago. It is ground meat that I can't stand. Instead we use ground turkey. It's not nearly as heavy or greasy, and in my opinion, has a lot more flavor than ground beef of any kind.

Here's the recipe for the burgers

1/2 pound of ground turkey
1 tbsp fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup diced cheese of your choice. Something melty, preferably. We used garden Havarti for these burgers.

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and form into patties. I usually get three patties out of 1/2 pound of turkey. I cooked these in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil but they are easily grilled as well. Medium High heat, about 5 minutes on each side.

In the meantime I sauteed some sliced crimini mushrooms and sweet onions to go on top.

The burgers were served on whole wheat kaiser rolls with a little stone ground mustard and mayonnaise and a side of home made frozen fries. (I said it was easy and self indulgent.) Another favorite side we have with burgers is homemade (for real), sweet potato fries. I'll have to get that recipe up at some point because they always turn out great.



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