Tasting notes: 2003 Dancing Bull Zinfandel

This was a weekday bottle from last week that I picked up for $10. I think we had this with parmesan chicken tenders, but I can't remember, which is OK, because the tenders deserve a post of their own because they rock.

This was good bargain wine & I can't complain about it at all. It was just your straight forward Cali Zin.

nose: Aromas evident immediately after pouring. Blackberry cobbler, spice, blackberry jam & some raspberry.

palate: Jammy, fruity, plummy & spicy.


  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger g58 said…

    I had parmesan chicken last night too. They're pan-fried breasts. What's the tender part in yours... are you going to include a recipe?

    I really think your blog is cool. Best of both worlds: wine and food (I wonder if I include enough about food in my wineblog to be considered part of your exclusive food porn watch group... what do you think?) Plus you live up to your subhead and include great photos like those of your neighbour's flaming shed, which are almost too good to be true!

    I'll apologize now if you take the Forrest Gump reference the wrong way but I it's a real hoot reading about your exploits. That magnum of rosé is a funny story but it's your candor that's going to keep you your readers. Nice stuff!! So did you ever drink the Vieille Ferme?

    P.S. Accents on Mac keyboards are fun and easy: Option + i then o to get the Côtes du Rhône thing. Option + u then the desired letter to get an umlaut; Option + n for the tilde, etc.

  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Collin C. said…

    Glad you like the blog. It turns out, I like blogging a lot more than I thought I would, especially since people are actually reading it! Who'd of thunk it?!

    To add your site to the Food Porn Watch just click "add your site" on the right side of the page, submit your link & Boo-Ya! your in. They have to review your site but I think that is just to keep the spammers out.

    Re: Forest Gump reference- I am not offended. I would be offended if you made a Slingblade remark. :)


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