Tasting notes: 2003 Bogle Merlot

Trying to break away from our Pinot jag, I decided there is no better way than with a bottle of Merlot. This was an outstanding value at $12. We had half of this bottle one night with our veal paprikash & it went really well with that dish but was great on its own. I had a hard time verbalizing some of the flavors I was tasting, but they were so distinct, it just didn't click though. I poured La a glass & the first words out of her mouth were "pipe tobacco". That was it. Tobacco was all over this Merlot. In the nose, all over the palate & obvious in the finish too.

nose: Very rich with black fruit, mint, anise & pipe tobacco.

palate: Mimics the nose. The fruit is intense & big. More tobacco & anise. The tannins are nice but kind of obtuse. The lingering finish was full of anise & tobacco.


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