Finally the WEEKEND IS HERE!

Well, I made it. The work week is over. I make it sound like it was a horrible 5 days, but it wasn't. Our local wine shop, Joe's, is hosting a tasting of South American & Spanish wines next week. I will definitely post my notes. I can't wait, I feel like a kid looking forward to a school holiday. Be sure & check back next week.

This week our mid-week quaffer was a cheap magnum of Jindalee Shiraz ($9.99). We used a little in our Coq au Vin (along with a Languedoc Pinot Noir that can only be described as sucking ass) & drank the rest with our Shepherd's Pie the next night. It was excellent & I highly recomend it...the Jindalee & the Shepherd's Pie. I know it's a frikkin' Emeril recipe again! OK. I confess. I like Big E, & have even eaten at NOLA twice but I cant stand his show "Emeril LIVE!". Why does he have to be so over the top? "Essence of Emeril" is a great show & even on "LIVE!" he cooks some good stuff, there is just too much personality on "LIVE!". BAM!!! See what I mean?

This weekends score is an Austrailian Shiraz (or Syrah if you are in France) & a Crozes Hermitage. I have only tried the Shiraz. It is Penfold's Koonuga Hill '03 Shiraz. I am having a hard time verbalizing how this one tastes & smells. Initially I tasted Vanilla & Cinnamon & not much fruit. The finish is nice & smooth but not very long. After opening up a little, the fruit & a little tartness comes out. I can't really decide on a specific fruit flavor, but I like it. La's first impression was bacon. I couldn't put my finger on it until she said that & that was one of the flavors I could taste but couldn't articulate. I highly recommend this one & it is a great buy at $7.99 a bottle.

The Hermitage is sitting in the kitchen waiting to be opened, so I will post notes on it soon, as I am dying to try it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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