This Weeks Wines (12/2/06)

Since starting my part-time marketing/graphics job @ Buster's this week (more on that later), we have been drinking considerably nicer wines than in the past...not that we drink shit & never Yellowtail (well, yeah, we have, but we soon learned they are a ton of cheap, good wines to be had).

First up Bourgogne Rouge from Domaine Arlaud. This was a fruity Burgundy (pinot noir, ya' know) from the swelteringly hot vintage of duece-double 0-tre-dizzle. Very nice red fruit & tannins that would cut a through a bloody steak better than a Ginsu.

Next up...a Pinot Noir from the Malborough region of New Zealand. Ima' call this one kiwi-spice the 6th & unknown Spice Girl...& by kiwi, I mean someone that hails from the NZ...not the brown fuzzy fruit. It is spicey & fruity, so maybe this 'unknown spice girl' is more of a tropical Liberace. there is a distrubing mental image.

This Beaujolais Cru is from the village Moulin-a-Vent & is brawny for a Beaujolais. It is the only Beaujolais that is aged in oak. If you think Beaujolais' are fruity-girly wines, try this one from Beaujolais Baron Georges Duboeuf.

Chile...ah....Chile. So many great wines come from this country that it is unbelievable...& they are for the most part very affordable. This merlot bucks the stereotype of the fruity simple quaffer. It is a Rubix Cube with some of the stickers peeled off. Minty, herbal, oppulent, dark & brooding.

Another Pinot....for someone who hates the 'Sideways Effect', I sure do drink a lot of Pinot. This one is nice & spicy too in typical style of the Cailfornia Central Coast. All I can say is...Get a bottle!

So the job is working out & I am gonna try & do this once a week.
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