Cupcakes <3

I love surprises & one thing I love more than surprises is a sweet surprise. Last week I came home & found several hand drawn notes leading me through the house to find a plate full of yellow cupcakes with Tia Maria icing with a heart shaped note sticking out of one reading "Sweets for my Sweet", made by my lovely wife. The cupcakes are long gone but not the sweet thought.

Seven Things

Ahhhhh.....Finally some internet access (still not at home though). We are finally settled in the new place but still have lots of work to do, but everything is coming together.

About a month ago the Squirrels tagged us to participate in 'Seven Things About Us' where you are supposed divulge seven random factoids about yourself. Laura has already made her list so here is mine.

1.) I just had a 6 week foray into vegetarianism (well, I ate seafood) & enjoyed it a lot. I don't think I will make it a part of my lifestyle for good but I definitely don't think I will go back to eating meat as much as I did before the experiment.

2.) I used to HATE tomatoes...HATE THEM. Now....I can't get enough. I LOVE THEM. I have been enjoying every ripe 'mater I get my grubby little hands on. I especially like getting the heirloom's from the guys from Mississippi at the Memphis Farmer's Market. I can't explain the sudden change but I am embracing it.

3.) I have had Crohn's Disease for most of my life. What irony for a foodie & wine lover, huh?

4.) I want to quit my job to go back to school to study foreign languages (Spanish & French).

5.) Despite being in the business, I do not own a television.

6.) I started eating jalapeños whole at age 5 & have loved (very)spicy food ever since.

7.) I eloped (sorta...) with Laura to get married in Vegas (sorta...) 3 years ago on the year's Summer Solstice. We got hitched with our families there with us, outside of Las Vegas at the top of Bootleg Canyon, where after a champagne toast, we rode down the canyon on our mountain bikes. Our "reception" was hanging at the pool at the Hard Rock all day afterwards & then dining at Nobu. Best. Day. Ever.


Stay tuned...

We have recently moved & are without internet access, but rest assured we will be connected in no time. We have lots of posts to catch up on, so stay tuned!

-Collin & Laura
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